Got out of my comfort zone to what I am used to.

GamingOwls needed to feel like gamer’s home so I decided to give an RGB look to its logo, chose a vibrant green to  add energy and make it feel more closer to gamers.

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With custom icons, in-app animations and after research, feedback, & several iterations, the application is successfully running with positive reviews coming.

🎮You can now Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC!

Add your favorite PC games and we will recommend the best custom gaming PC build for you.

No need to check for System requirements of your favorite games and if you are wondering Can I run it?

🦉GamingOwls will Auto Build your Gaming PC for you!

Because our PC builds know the minimum requirements and it provides the best fit.

Three PC Build options are provided for the gamers:

1️⃣ Budget Build: If you are running low on budget, and looking for cheap/discounted PC parts. This category exactly fulfills the minimum system requirements for your game so it will never lag.
2️⃣ Expert Build: A step up! The PC Parts picked for this category are enhanced and capable of running your game in the maximum settings in addition to simultaneous background tasks.
3️⃣ Pro Gamer Build: You can run any game with this Gaming PC Build, and wouldn’t worry about buying another PC for a couple of years.

🛒Currently, the only option is Amazon, and the products chosen are from authorized sellers with the best price.

Newegg and Best Buy are coming up next.

Authorized Sellers include official stores of Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, ASUS, Corsair, NVIDIA, MSI, EVGA.

🎯We will recommend the best PC Hardware that includes Processor, GPU, SSD, and RAM for your PC build. In future updates, Cases, Motherboards, PSU, and cooler will be added.