Hi! I'm Salman:

UI/UX Designer

With special focus on User Experience and being a Computer Scientist,
my designs will always remain realistic.

My Values

There are certain things I’m always clear about:

  • 😍 Following my Passion

    You go a long way and much further if you are busy doing something you are really passionate about.
    We don’t have the time to channel our energies where we don’t enjoy.

  • 💬 Transparent Communication

    Losing a job is better than lying. I build relationships with my clients over trust and clearly convey them:
    – What I’m capable of doing
    – What I can learn and build; and,
    – What’s not possible for me.

  • 👨‍🎓 Always a Student

    Humans are always in learning phase, and so do I find myself. Learning from courses, juniors, seniors, or just by looking at someone’s work always helps you and you get to know something new. Apart from that I occasionally do 30 day challenges to learn a new skill, where recently I learned to make illustrations.

  • 🙏Staying Humble

    Whatever position we get in, we should not forget to respect others and try to help others with as less as a smile as we all are humans and busy battling life everyday.

andd.... I strongly belief in design thinking to bring out useful designs

My Work

Take a look at some of my recent works, Detailed case studies will be added soon.


Got out of my comfort zone to what I am used to.

GamingOwls needed to feel like gamer’s home so I decided to give an RGB look to its logo, chose a vibrant green to  add energy and make it feel more closer to gamers.

With custom icons, in-app animations and after research, feedback, & several iterations, the application is successfully running with positive reviews coming.



Play Store Screenshots

More of my work